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Immigration has become imperative to the world’s economy. Immigrants come to host countries with skills, languages, new traditions, and knowledge. That said, the widespread increase of immigration for various purposes has not only brought the world closer, it has also driven global development.

ImmiVest Global is a leading service providers, catering to bright individuals who have chosen the path of migration to establish themselves in other countries. When it comes to visas and the related processes, we provide unmatched turnkey solutions.

Very few people understand the importance of immigration, and even fewer realize that the United States and Canada are great lands of opportunity. Those who grasp the growing importance and worth of immigrants openly advocate for the continuous inflow of immigrants to their countries. We are committed to upholding each and everyone’s right to travel, study, invest or conduct business, through the diligent filling of visa applications.

Our client base is wide ranging, including students, skilled professionals and business investors. We aim to provide transparent immigration services to the top countries that perceive immigration as being instrumental to their economic growth and success.

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Since January 2015, individuals with skilled work experience and possessing good English or French language skills can access the Express Entry to Canada program.

Canada has some of the world’s top-ranking universities, 26 of which are within the top 800 universities worldwide. With a world acclaimed...

Fueled by a dream of enhanced opportunity and lifestyle, some immigrants will choose to uproot, leaving behind their home and family...

Whether you are an adrenaline enthusiast, a wildlife buff or a city slicker seeking out new cultural experiences, Canada has something for you...

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program helps you apply to Canada’s Immigration when offered a job at any of the participant province.

Australia is a great place to live, work and to raise a family and is the continent nation in the world where the level of wealth and comfort is very high.

Australia has been a dream nation for many an aspiring person wishing to change their life by moving in a place offering some of the best living conditions...

Australia is a leading global educational powerhouse having some of the world’s best facilities and educators, hence drawing the attention of many international...

Australia is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, known as an adventurist’s and adrenaline lover’s paradise, where one can go backpacking...

USA Investor Visa (EB5)

This type of visa is immigrant visa issued according to EB-5 program specially created by Congress in 1990 for foreign investors to stimulate country’s economy.

E-2 visa is non-immigrant visa available for the representatives of countries, which have special investment & navigation agreements with the USA.

United States of America is probably the only nation in the world (second ranked is Australia), where national security is of high priority and questions related...

The USA has the world’s largest international student population and is highly regarded for the educational opportunities amongst students...

Immigration is a difficult thing and especially to a place which offers complex immigration systems like US or UK.

Student Visa

The Uk has the world’s largest international student population and is highly regarded for the educational opportunities

Student Visa

B1 and B2 are visit visa programs for business travelers or “Visit for Business Visa”, and tourists or “Visitor for Pleasure (tourist) Visa”

Student Visa

Studying In The germanyThe generom repetition jected humour, or non-characteristic words etc.

Student Visa

It is rightly said that Germany is where medieval meets modernity. Germany is a place full of beauty and beautiful people.

Student Visa

Many countries doesn’t require a visa to visit Germany, but some does. Germany provides four types of visa to the people visiting them.

Student Visa

To begin with the first kind, Fiance visa is the one you get when you are engaged to somebody in German person.

Portugal Golden Visa

The Golden Visa not only allows the holder to live and work in Portugal, but also affords you the right to visa-free travel throughout the European Schengen Area. This has been especially attractive to executives wishing to work within the European Union (EU).

Through this Portuguese residency program, you can qualify for permanent residence after five years. Portuguese citizenship (an EU passport) gives you the right to live and work in the EU, including the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Student Visa

Portugal introduced its Golden Residence Permit for Investment Activity (“Golden Visa”). The Golden Visa has all the benefits of a Schengen Visa, entitling the holder to free movement throughout the 26 Schengen member countries in Europe. Golden Visa holders obtain access to residence permits, as well as to Portuguese citizenship (after 6 years of residency), with advantageous periods of stay in Portugal.

Student Visa

Whether for business or work permit, We help you reach your goal.

Student Visa

To begin with the first kind, Fiance visa is the one you get when you are engaged to somebody in German person.

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“A HUGE thanks to ImmiVest for all its hard work and support in helping us get our Permanent Residency! We are delighted that we get to stay in this beautiful country.”


( Canadian PR )

“Thanks, ImmiVest, for assisting my husband and me in getting Canadian PR. The process was a bit long as it took time for IELTS, but we did it and will be moving to Canada soon!”

Shefali Sexena

( Canadian PR )

“Your team helped me in preparing my documents and getting our family the Schengen Visa. It took very little time as we were properly advised on everything, and received our 6-month visa. Good job!”

Fatimah Urooj

( Schengen Visa )

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