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Australian Skilled Independent Visa

Australia has been a dream nation for many aspiring persons wishing to change their life by moving to a place offering some of the best living conditions, environments and facilities. Australian cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide are ranked amongst the finest cities to live in the world.

At ImmiVest Global Immigration Services, our skilled consultants and lawyers are fully knowledgeable and experienced regarding the various laws and regulations. They are able to assist you in applying for immigration visas to Australia and complete the needed processes on your behalf for residents of the Middle East, GCC and Africa.

Australia is one of the few nations offering various immigration programs, as its growing and thriving economy requires a continued inflow of skilled workers. This island continent has one of the most complicated immigration systems in the world. There are specially designed programs that offer immigration pathways for skilled persons of certain professions. The rules, terms and conditions of immigration in Australia are regularly revised and changed according to the requirements of the economy and the growth of the nation.

Eligibility & benefits of the Skilled Independent Visa

The Skilled Independent Visa to Australia gives the applicant permanent residency. The Skilled Independent Visa is granted to individuals who have the necessary qualifications featured in the Australian Skilled Occupation List. Successful applicants to the Skilled Independent Visa obtain permanent residency in Australia, which includes government subsidized medical care and social benefits. Permanent residency gives the applicant an opportunity to obtain Australian citizenship.

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