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Marriage visa – a beautiful journey!

Canada is known for its beautiful landscapes and scenery. It also features extraordinary cuisine and rich cultural openness. There’s truly nothing like it.

In terms of surface area, Canada is the world’s second-largest country, defined by an endless variety of terrain. Majestic mountains, awesome glaciers, surprising rainforests, remote beaches, pristine lakes … Coast to coast to coast!

Getting married is an important decision. That said, love is but one of the many factors at play in the complex equation involved in international marriages.

ImmiVest Global can handle all these factors for you, while you focus on what you’ll  be wearing on your wedding day and the guest list. Canada is all about family unification and that’s why ImmiVest Global has made spousal sponsorship one of the fastest routes to Canadian Permanent Residency. Furthermore, ImmiVest Global does not have a minimum financial requirement to sponsor a spouse!

We help you complete your application properly. This minimizes any questions the visa officer might have and, in the end, shortens the application processing times and lowers your chances of being called in for an immigration interview.

ImmiVest Global takes care of almost all the paper work for you. We also advise you on which documents to provide to prove your relationship status and which ones you shouldn’t, so that the process is fast and easy and you can get to your spouse in no time, with us by your side!

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