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Canadian Student Visa/Study Permit

Canada has one of the world’s top-ranking universities, 26 of which are among the top 800 universities worldwide. Known for their world-acclaimed academic excellence and multicultural environment, possessing a vibrant culture and established in a country crowned by political safety and security, Canadian universities are popular among international students.

If you or your child is shopping around for universities to attend, universities abroad are very interesting options as they enable students to gain rich experience. If your choice falls on Canada, it is very important to know the various requirements to apply for a Canadian Study Permit. The application process for a Canadian Student Visa begins with researching and applying to a school or university. Only upon receipt of the acceptance or admission letter from the educational institution can one apply for the Canadian Study Permit.

How to get a Canadian Student Visa?

For more details on the application fees and steps to applying for a Canada Study Permit, Royal Migration consultants will assist you in preparing for your academic future in Canada.

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