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Welcome to Immivest Global Immigration Services LLC. These Terms and Conditions apply whenever you access the website, regardless of how or where you access the website.

Delivery Policy

Once you accept our Terms of Business you may make a payment to ImmiVest Global Immigration Services LLC via a range of payment options. Your case will be received by our Immigration Case Managers who shall be delighted to confirm all the details on your case with you and ensure that the initial review of your case history and immigration needs has been conducted correctly. We will then immediately, not within less than 48 hours, provide you with the following which will be delivered to you either in person or through a video or telephone call, and thereafter supported in an email sent directly after with full supporting documents.

Delivery Policy

1. We will review your information against the qualifying criteria of the visa/immigration application.
2. We will advise you and agree with you what documents you are required to submit to us for us to submit your application
3. We will then review your documents as we receive them to ensure that they are accurate and meet the government criteria.
4. We will complete your application forms and submit your case to the government authority or provide you with the completed application form for you to submit.
5. We will provide you with advice, support and assistance throughout the process.
6. We provide consultancy services with regards to immigration visas. The first 3 services will be completed within 48 hours. The remaining services are ongoing and will be completed within a period of 90 days subject to you providing us with all the supporting documents on time.
7. GOVERNING BODY FEES: The candidate bears the entire fees pertaining to the governing body / professional registration body and other related costs, such as attestation, notarization, courier, etc.